Customer Testimonials


Dr Elisabeth Lackner, CEO ABF Pharmaceuticals GmbH:

“We’ve been using the Fin Systems in a cloud as “Software as a Service” to cover the business and economic aspects of our business since 2011.
ABF Pharmaceuticals GmbH focuses on complex clinical trial designs and offers a unique combination of logistic services through our global network. Our offerings are very flexibility and personalized, this differentiates us from our competitors.

Located in Vienna, Austria in the heart of Europe, we are in the optimal position to provide efficient solutions for the packaging, distribution, QP release, transport and storage of pharmaceutical products including pharmaceutical service solutions for a range of cell-based therapies as well as central laboratory services including an audited PBMC network. This has enabled us to become the trusted partner for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and CROs.

Therefore we are always faced with changing requirements by our customers to run our project services and we need to track business opportunities precisely. The Fin Systems give us the flexibility to answer our customer demands as well as our internal requirements to track our offering.

The full integration of CRM, Business development Quality helps us to win business cases and reduce internal efforts.
We started with the CRM part and extended the use to Business development and Quality support. Internal training spending’s could be reduced to a minimum because of the common user interface in all modules.

With Finom and the Fin Systems we found a trustable partner for our business, helping us to adapt an IT system to our business needs.”

ABF Pharmaceuticals GmbH is a service provider for complex clinical trial supply and laboratory services and uses the Fin Systems since 2011 in various areas. Starting with CRM the functionality used was pretty soon extended to Business development and reporting and tracking of study locations.

Vienna, August 2013